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Kristin Schab


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Submitted by Bruce Wall, Director of Alumni Relations
On June 18th more than forty alumni and friends toured Citizen’s Bank Park, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, getting a behind-the-scenes look at one of the newest facilities in major league baseball. Fans had the chance to sit in the dugout, hang out in the clubhouse and locker room, see where the press corps and announcers work the game, and imagine watching a game in the air conditioned luxury of one of the more than seventy suites available to corporate and season ticket patrons. Tours feature anecdotes about players past and present, and tributes to the legends of the game who wore the Phillies uniform during their careers. No well planned tour concludes anywhere but the gift and souvenir shop, where many items of Phillies apparel or memorabilia left with their new owners.   

                  Following the almost two-hour tour, the group ate lunch at McFadden’s Restaurant and Bar, located so close to Citizen’s Bank Park that the two facilities share a glass wall. Of course, lunch featured Philly cheese steaks, among other fare.

                  Nearly everyone who attended this event wore Phillies red instead of YCP green, but there was still plenty of interest in what was going on at the college. For a couple of hours people could be excited about both their favorite team and their favorite school.